Fedora 19 – Gnome Desktop

Fedora 19 – Gnome Desktop

Fedora project announced released of 19th version of its Linux distribution “Fedora 19″ code name ‘Schrödinger’s Cat’ on July 02 2013 with GNOME 3.8. In this release “Initial Setup” has been included which was supposed to included in Fedora 18 releases. In “Initial Setup” user will be select Language, keyboard layout, add cloud services etc. Also new user can be created if no user created during installation. In this article, we’ll see pictorial installation guide of newly released Fedora 19.


Fedora 19 has been available with latest and greatest versions. Some of the features are:

  1. Linux kernel version 3.9.5
  2. GNOME 3.8
  3. KDE 4.10
  4. MATE 1.6
  5. LibreOffice 4.1
  6. Default database is MariaDB instead of MySQL (Oracle will make MySQL closed-source)

 Fedora 19 – Gnome Desktop


  • DVD
  • KDE
  • Xfce
  • LXDE


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