Linux Mint 15 – XFCE Desktop

Linux Mint 15 Codename ‘Olivia’ Xfce Edition is released with the exciting features stated below. Xfce is a lightweight desktop environment aiming to be fast instead of low system resources. In this edition, Xfce 4.10 desktop, all the improvement with latest packages are included. In this post we’ll see step by step installation and Update of packages post installation.

New Features of Linux Mint 15 – XFCE Desktop

  1. Xfce 4.10
  2. Whisker Menu
  3. MDM
  4. Software Sources
  5. Driver Manager
  6. Software Manager
  7. System Improvements
  8. Supports for Upstream components
  9. Artwork Improvements

Please go through the Release Notes to know important info or known issues before installation of this edition.

Direct Download of Linux Mint 15 – XFCE Desktop

Please use following links to download Linux Mint 15 – XFCE Desktop .ISO format for 32-bit & 64-bit.
Linux Mint 15 – XFCE Desktop

  • Olivia Xfce (32-bit)
  • Olivia Xfce (64-bit)

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